Closed Expansion Tanks and Models

Expansion tanks are also known as contraction tanks. So what is a closed expansion tank? There are expansion tanks that regulate the volume of the heated water in the hot water supply systems in the residences or workplaces. Closed expansion tank and open expansion tanks are the systems that are preferred in areas that cannot be used, and work with a monometer and safety valve. Closed expansion tanks are widely preferred in today's installations.

What is Expansion Tank?

In order to better understand the working principle of the closed expansion tank, let's examine what an expansion tank is. As you know, water expands when heated. When the water expands, it affects the pressure in the heating systems. For this reason, the pressure begins to increase. And as time passes, pressure fluctuations occur. The pressure fluctuations that occur start to cause damage to the heating systems. If the water that expands with increasing temperature cannot be controlled, leakage may occur in both the heating system and the boiler. These leaks cause damage to the system and ineffectiveness of the system. Devices used to prevent this pressure build-up and other negative situations that may occur are called expansion tanks.
As can be understood from the description, we can say that the expansion tank acts as a bridge between the heating system and the increased heat pressure. Because it can control the increasing heat. In addition, by reducing the pressure, the desired working principle is obtained.
All boiler rooms have expansion tanks. Thanks to the expansion tanks, the pressure is equalized. Expansion tanks are also preferred for use in high-rise buildings for booster purposes. Well, other than that, where is the expansion tank used?

Places where Expansion Tanks are used

Whether it is closed expansion or open expansion tank, the usage areas are quite wide. We can give examples of the areas where it is used as follows;
• Pressure systems
• Water systems
• Irrigation pumps
• Washing systems
• Solar systems
• Pressure holding systems
• Cooling systems
• Hot water systems
You can have expansion tank options that you can use in many areas with ERF Group quality.

Expansion Tank Models and Features

There are two different expansion tank models as open expansion tanks and closed expansion tanks. For hot water use in heating systems used in areas such as workplaces and residences, the water temperature is 80°C on average. The temperature of the feed water is 10°C. Considering this situation, the value of water can vary between 10°C and 80°C. Depending on this temperature, the volume of water can also vary. The volume of water is realized by the expansion tank.
In addition to being used to ensure the safety of different installations, expansion tanks are also used in boilers in heating systems. It is also preferred in heating installations and gas installations to resist situations such as leakage or evaporation.
There may be situations such as a decrease in the amount of water in the maintenance or some repairs in the installations. In these cases, the decrease in the amount of water in the boilers is prevented by the expansion tanks.

Closed Expansion Tank Prices

If you want to get information about closed expansion tank prices, you can contact us via our ERF Group website. If you wish, you can have detailed information about our prices by filling out the offer form or by calling our customer service. Closed expansion diagnostic prices may differ when considering the expansion tank models.
You can have closed expansion tank options that are suitable for your budget and that you can analyze price performance with ERF Group quality.

What Should Be Considered While Choosing Expansion Tank?

There are different models of expansion tanks according to their intended use. According to these differences, it is very important to pay attention when choosing an expansion tank.
Before purchasing expansion tanks, all their features should be thoroughly investigated. Since these are both necessary and functional products, it is useful to have detailed information about them.
First of all, it is necessary to determine where the expansion tank will be used. It should be determined whether it will be used in an apartment, a factory or a commercial enterprise. The expansion tank to be preferred may differ according to the place to be used.
It is also important that the expansion tank to be preferred complies with TSE standards. The thickness of the material used should also comply with the standards. In addition, before purchasing the expansion tank, the expansion tank must pass the necessary press tests and some controls. It should also be checked whether they are done or not.
Expansion tanks must be resistant to corrosion in order to be suitable for long-term use. In addition, the issue of strength and durability is one of the important details for the expansion tank.
The material that the expansion tanks have, that is, they are produced, is also important. It is very important that the body part is durable against any situations that may occur.
The size of the expansion tank is another detail to be considered. It must be suitable for the place where it will be used. In this respect, the capacity and volume of the tank are also important. It is possible to find expansion tanks in different sizes. Before making a purchase, you can also determine the size of the expansion tank according to your need.
You can have information about how the maintenance of the expansion tanks should be done and how the assembly should be done, as well as the details on this subject before purchasing the products.
The issue of air pressure in expansion tanks is also important. In cases such as a puncture in the expansion tank, water leakage problem may occur in the expansion tanks. Pressure-resistant containers usually have a durability of 5-8 years. It is good to be sensitive about this issue.
And in addition to all these, the most important detail to be investigated should be the price performance research of the product you will choose. You can choose a product that fits both your budget and the place you will use it.
If we gather the details to be considered while choosing the expansion tank;
• The place where the expansion tank will be used
• Pressure endurance
• Other auxiliary equipment that will work with the expansion tank
• Capacity of the expansion tank
• Material of the expansion tank
• Selection of the balance vessel that will provide the thermal balance
We can say that you need to pay attention to details such as.

Closed Expansion Tanks With ERF Group Assurance

All closed expansion tanks sold with the assurance of ERF Group are CE and TSE certified. Our tanks, which can be used in both heating and booster systems, have the features you need.
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