Line type centrifugal pump is also known as single-stage inline pump among the people. Line type centrifugal pumps are produced with standard motors and mechanical seals. The suction and discharge flanges of these pumps are the same and are located on the same axis. In line type centrifugal pumps, the motor and the pump are two separate units.

The motor shaft is connected to the pump shaft by passing through. Pump shaft, impeller and other parts; It can remove the suction and discharge pipes, the pump volute without moving it. Thanks to this feature, the installation and maintenance works of the line type centrifugal pump are handled very easily.

Line type centrifugal pump; It is designed for pumping clean or slightly dirty, low viscosity liquids without solid particles and fibers. The flow rate of these pumps, which have a discharge flange of DN 40 - DN 150 mm, can reach up to 200 m3/h. The head of the centrifugal pump can be up to 100 meters. Centrifugal pumps can operate at different temperatures: from -10 C to +140 C without any problems. The casing pressure (pmax) of this pump is 10 bar and 16 bar.

Features of Line Type Centrifugal Pump

They are ln line type centrifugal pumps with closed impeller, which can be connected to a single stage and single pipe with volute.
The pump shaft can be accommodated by the motor bearings.
Centrifugal pumps are single-stage and non-self-priming pumps.
Thanks to the mechanical seal, shaft sealing is provided.
NLL pumps; It is used with standard electric motors in accordance with IEC size and VDI standards.
Thanks to the detachable design of the line type centrifugal pumps from the back, some parts can be removed without being disconnected from the volute piping: motor carrier, motor, impeller, stuffing box can be disassembled.
Suction - discharge flanges comply with TS EN 1092-2 / PN 16.
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