Cabinet fan models are manufactured to be used for cleaning or exhausting ambient air. They can be used in workplaces, offices, cafeterias, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, markets, meeting rooms, banks, kitchens and industrial facilities.

Our cabinet fan models, which we produce using the centrifugal fan system, differ from each other with their air flow capacities, fan size and maximum working pressure. There are different options such as forward inclined, backward inclined, dense bladed, sparse bladed, single suction or double suction. Each of them has various efficiency levels depending on the direction of rotation of the impeller. It is possible to get maximum efficiency with low energy in our cabinet fan models with vibration-free operation.

Cabinet Fan Models

In centrifugal fans, the pressure of the incoming airflow moves with the help of various blades mounted on a circular mechanism. The airflow, which is directed through a duct system, bends at a 90-degree angle as it exits the fan housing. Cabinet fan models are mechanisms that are highly durable and resistant to harsh environments. They differ from each other with various functions such as the flow direction and speed factor of the air entering/exiting the room.

Forward Curved Cabinet Fan Models

Cabinet fan models with relatively forward-facing curved impeller blades are available in single-suction or double-suction types. The blades curve in the direction of the wheel rotation. Ideal for areas requiring the removal of large volumes of airflow at low speed. It can be preferred for automatic control devices, ventilation of electronic equipment, air purification, pollution control, heating and cooling systems.

Cabinet fan models that affect a very large area due to the large number of blades also require low energy. It can be said to be ideal for areas that need medium or high air flow. They are widely used in areas such as the pharmaceutical industry as they do not accumulate chemical or other residues on their blades due to the slope in the direction of the blades.

Backward Curved Cabinet Fan Models

Compared to forward inclined models, backward inclined cabinet fan models are generally more powerful. Their impellers are highly resistant to dirt and dust. Changes in static pressure do not cause overload in the motor. Hydraulic efficiency is very high. Models designed to move air at low static pressures can be used in many areas such as exhaust ventilation systems, smoke extraction systems, heat recovery systems and cooling systems.

Radial Fan Models

Radial blade fan models with medium flow, high pressure characteristics are ideal for dusty or gaseous industrial applications. Creating high-speed pressure in the end zones, these fans can withstand more vibration, unbalanced forces and impact than standard fans.

Cabinet Fan Models and Technical Specifications

Cabinet fan models are effective in cooling, heating and air conditioning systems due to the high pressure they create. Since their moving parts are in a closed system, they have the feature of reducing the particles to be scattered around. They are ideal mechanisms for use in air pollution prevention and filtration systems.

Cabinet fan consists of a fan blade, a motor and a cabinet that surrounds it. Our cabinet fan models with centrifugal fan feature, which differ in terms of features such as motor size and fan blade, have different options with the direction of rotation of the impeller such as forward inclined or backward inclined. These fans work by creating low pressure in the center of the blade that draws air into the fan. The edges of the blades are high pressure areas. They are especially preferred for reasons such as ventilation in an area with low pressure and controlling contaminated air in areas such as chemical processing units. They can also be used in agricultural areas to control the general temperature of the air.

  • Different sizes with flow rates from 2,500 m3/h to 80,000 m3/h
  • Models with 1.000m³/h to 20.000 m³/h flow rates
  • 2.500 m3/h to 20.000 m3/h flow rate models
  • 20 mm thick cabinet panels
  • Cabinets insulated with rock wool at 70 kg/m3 density
  • Double suction radial fans aiming for silent operation

What are the Working Systems of Cabinet Fans?

The most important part of process management in all kinds of industrial plants and operations is to control air movement. Cabinet fans, which clean the polluted air to provide clean air to the environment, are an essential mechanism in industrial plants.

Industrial fans, usually installed outdoors, are connected to a motor that generates high pressure. The motor powers the fan and applies a centrifugal force to remove air and debris from the environment. The centrifugal feature used in high cabinet fans is effective in generating high pressure.

Cabinet fan models have options that provide both cooling and heating for closed spaces. They are highly preferred products in the industrial field due to their high energy efficiency and low costs.

Advantages of Cabinet Fan Systems

Our cabinet fan systems, which provide high energy efficiency thanks to continuous air flow, can be preferred by both industrial and institutional enterprises. Due to their durability, they can be used for many years without being affected by corrosive elements. The advantages of cabinet fans can be listed as follows:

  • High Energy Efficiency

They are ideal for quickly cleaning the air in large areas. They maximize output while conserving energy. Contrary to popular belief, fans operate with less power, so they also provide satisfaction in terms of energy savings.

  • Durable

Cabinet fan systems with various sizes and configurations are very advantageous with their durability and ability to be used in all kinds of environments. With this feature, they have become a cost-effective solution. They are equipped with features that can withstand all kinds of environments.

  • Low Maintenance

Fans can be easily cleaned when necessary. In addition, some cabinet fan models have self-cleaning systems. This eliminates the need for regular daily maintenance.

  • Versatile Usage

Cabinet fans, which are very useful with multiple airflow or pressure combinations, offer various alternatives with options such as dry or wet.

Cabinet Fan Prices

Our cabinet fan models are quiet, reliable and highly robust, providing the performance you expect from an industrial fan and meeting your budget expectations in the best way possible. Considering the fan designs that minimize downtime and life cycle costs, they provide efficiency for all plant operations. You can contact our company for information about cell fan prices and to get a price quote. You can visit our company for ERF Group cabinet fan systems with advantages such as reasonable price, professional technical support, quality and durability.