Industrial Fans, Fan Types

In the industry sector, there are fan products and industrial fans with different features, depending on the area of ​​use. When designing industrial fan types, the areas and processes in which they will be used are also taken into consideration.

Erf Group is a company that manufactures industrial fans. Our company, which was established with domestic capital among industrial fan manufacturers, manufactures and sells fan and centrifugal products. Erf Group; produces industrial fan types in the fields of fans, pumps, ventilation, machinery, agriculture, foundry. "What is an industrial fan?, Where are industrial fans used?" If you are wondering, you can find the answers to all your questions here.

What is Industrial Fan?

There are some types of industrial fans that vary depending on the usage area and purpose. The capacities and thicknesses of the fans differ according to the types.

If we were to ask what an industrial fan is, we can briefly say that it is a device that changes the direction of air flow with the pressure it creates.

Industrial Fan Types

Industrial fan types among themselves,

Axial fans
Centrifugal fans
Radial fans
Cell fan
Plug fan

Now let's get to know these fan models closely, and at the same time, let's see in which areas they are used.

Axial Fan Products

Axial fans are generally used as discharge fans in foundries, workshops, industrial facilities, kitchens where high suction is needed. In addition, axial fans are also used for smoke evacuation in car parks. In this type of fans, smoke engines that can withstand high temperatures for a certain period of time are preferred.

Axial fans are designed to rapidly improve air transfers. These fans; It is used with free throw, air duct connection or circular cross-section. Axial fans are also quick and easy to install. Axial fans are divided into three different groups.

Axial Fans w/impellers: This models are used in air conditioning applications, ventilation systems, low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure heating systems.
Cylinder Guided Axial Fans: This model fans are used in low static pressure and large air flow rates.

Centrifugal Fan Products

Centrifugal fans, as the name suggests, look just like the shell of a snail. These fans are used in industrial production plants for cleaning dense materials. These fans are used to connect air ducts with circular and square cross-sections with the materials used for blowing fresh air from the air ducts or for evacuating the air inside.

Centrifugal fans can be seen in different ways according to their pressure ranges and flow rates, and their blowing and suction powers. Centrifugal fans, which are very important in terms of air flow, are among the most powerful and useful fan types. Centrifugal fans, which are preferred in many large enterprises and factories, also have dust absorbing features. It can be easily used by mounting in areas such as ceiling, wall and floor. Some times they are called snail fan because of their shape. 

Radial Fans

Radial fans are hardware systems that help to provide transfer as a result of pressurizing gas or air. Radial fans are available with low or high performance systems. It also has features such as air cooling and dust collection.

Radial fans are also known as centrifugal fans. Radial fans are divided into four groups.

Inclined Type: It is generally preferred in industrial factories and air conditioning systems with high pressure. Long-term use is also possible thanks to the radial fans made of durable and corrosion-resistant material.
Forward Biased Blade Type: This type of radial fans are used in low pressure ventilation systems. It is also used in air conditioners. Due to their simple structure, they can also be used in homes.
Backward Biased Blade Type: It is used in ventilation systems of workplaces, facilities and factories.
Aerodynamic Blade Type: This type of radial fans are also used in general ventilation systems and large airflows.

Cell Fan Products

Cell fan, also known as aspirator (duct type fan), provides air circulation in cooling or heating systems. Its purpose is to clean and refresh the air of the environment.
Cell fans have a difference from other ventilation devices. It has an insulated cabinet and an externally protected structure compared to other fans. Thus, less noise is provided when the fan is running. With the sheltered structure, the pulleys, belt and motor of the fan are not damaged.
Cell fans can operate silently. Since they work with the help of filters, they also help to clean the indoor air by cleaning the air coming from outside. Cell fans, which have more advantages compared to other fans, are also used in places with high crowds such as shopping malls, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, hospitals, schools, banks and where air circulation is desired.

Plug Fan Products

Plug fans are fans that provide highly efficient circulating air at low and medium pressures. It is also very easy to install and disassemble. It has a bellows mounting panel.

How Industrial Fans Work?

Industrial fans are powered by electricity. We recommend that you take a look at the ERF Group categories before choosing the fan you need. Products with different models and features for the fan types you are looking for are placed at the place where the air transfer process will be carried out by our expert team. You can find detailed information about our fans that can be used in all industrial areas on our website.

Industrial Fan Prices

You can contact ERF Group customer services to reach industrial fan prices. You can have industrial fan options produced with quality materials at the most affordable prices. For detailed information about industrial fan prices, you can get an offer form from our website, or you can contact us from our contact information section on our website.

Where to Buy Industrial Fan?

As ERF Group, we manufacture all our industrial fan products ourselves. You can have high quality industrial fans that will provide long-term use, with the privilege of ERF Group. If you do not have information about which product to buy, our expert team will help you in this regard.
ERF Group is a customer-oriented company that has the capacity to manufacture not only in Turkey but also around the world.