Cinemas are enclosed spaces where people of all ages come together and stay for a certain period of time. In a cinema, there can be hundreds of people at the same time, and depending on the capacity of the cinema, these numbers can increase or decrease. The requirement for these closed rooms to be dark means that windows cannot be installed. Therefore, ventilation systems are necessary in cinemas to ensure that people can comfortably breathe and to create healthy conditions.

Cinema Hall Ventilation Systems

The ventilation systems used in cinemas are essentially used in many other enclosed spaces where people gather in large numbers. In theaters, clubs, and similar environments, ventilation systems similar to those in cinemas need to be installed. Thanks to these ventilation systems, hundreds of people can comfortably breathe at the same time. This situation is of utmost importance primarily for the health of individuals. Having hundreds of people in a closed environment creates a conducive environment for the transmission of airborne diseases. Ventilation systems have emerged as a solution to this problem.

Why is a Ventilation System Necessary in Cinemas?

The presence of many people in enclosed spaces leads to the creation of dirty and dense air. Systems that clean this air through filters are called ventilation systems. With the help of ventilation systems, dirty air is removed from the environment, and in its place, fresh and clean air is provided.

In enclosed spaces with no ventilation section or with significantly insufficient ventilation, the level of carbon dioxide and humidity increases over time. This causes the air to become increasingly denser. In places with a high concentration of people, this situation can cause significant discomfort. The formation of such uncomfortable environments in cinema halls will also reduce the likelihood of people choosing your establishment again. Spending long periods in such places can also pose serious dangers to human health. Therefore, in enclosed environments like cinemas, where many people are present, ventilation systems are a necessity.

How to Choose a Ventilation System for a Cinema Hall?

The ventilation of cinema halls and the installation of an appropriate system are essential. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Systems can be designed differently based on the dimensions of your cinema hall and the density of people. It is necessary to make the system selection with the help of experts.

In cinema halls, supply and exhaust ventilation is designed as a necessity alongside a central air conditioning system. The ventilation calculation is made based on the full occupancy rate. The air supply provided by the system should equal 20 m/s per person. Additionally, criteria such as air temperature and air change rate should also be considered.

In cinemas with a deep stage, the amount of exhaust air should be 90% of the supply air. This ratio should include recirculation. No more than 17% of the total exhaust system volume should be removed from within the stage.

At this point, the maximum allowable noise level is also important. Especially for cinema halls serving more than 800 people at the same time, ventilation should be done with compact jets. Moreover, ventilation systems suitable for times when the hall is not at full capacity should be installed.

In summary, the system to be installed will vary depending on the hall's capacity, adhering to some established rules. To learn what kind of system should be installed in your cinema hall, you should contact experts. The type of system that needs to be installed will emerge at the end of the conducted studies, along with the project details.

Cinema Hall Ventilation System Prices

As mentioned above, installing an appropriate ventilation system for cinema halls is a necessity. The installation of these ventilation systems entirely depends on the structure's condition.

Regarding the prices of cinema hall ventilation systems, it is impossible to provide a definite figure. The main reason for this is that each hall has its unique needs. Larger systems are required in cinemas serving more people, while smaller and less costly systems can be installed in smaller halls. From this perspective, experts should first inspect the hall to decide what type of system and fan network will be established, followed by pricing.

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