Electrostatic Filtration Operation:
ACT-EF Duct Type Fixed Electrostatic filters use the electrostatic acceleration principle to eliminate particles such as odor, soot, smoke, oil, dust in the air, and purify the dirty, foul-smelling and oily air emitted by the enterprises.

Usage areas
* Restaurants
* Cafes
* Hotels
* Buffets
* Food Factories
* Industrial Kitchens
* Outdoor Barbecues


Electic Motor

Max. Flow

Static Filter

Metal Filter

Dimensions (mm)

Volt Power
(V) (W) m3 / h L W H
ACT-EF-2 180 / 250 300 2.000 ALUMINUM / 1 Pcs. G2 / 2 Pcs. 520 535 820
ACT-EF-4 180 / 250 300 4.000 ALUMINUM / 1 Pcs. G2 / 2 Pcs. 820 535 820
ACT-EF-8 180 / 250 300 8.000 ALUMINUM / 2 Pcs. G2 / 2 Pcs. 1.630 535 820
ACT-EF-10 180 / 250 300 10.000 ALUMINUM / 3 Pcs. G2 / 2 Pcs. 2.060 535 820


  • Please contact us for your larger capacity device requests.erf-klima-santralleri2

Electrostatic filters purify the dirty, bad-smelling and oily air emitted by businesses by eliminating particles such as odor, soot, smoke, oil, dust in the air using the electrostatic acceleration principle. and thus it is purified from large particles. Afterwards, particles with a size of 0.3 micron (1 micron = 1/1.000 mm) are passed through a very strong magnetic field (the part where it is ionized). Here the particles are charged with a positive electric charge.

These positively charged particles pass through an equally spaced parallel array of collector surfaces. These surfaces are negatively and positively charged, respectively. Positively charged surfaces repel these particles, while negatively charged surfaces attract and collect them. The particles adhering to the filter are cleaned at the appropriate time and reinstalled. Drainage is connected to the oil taps on the device, and the accumulated oil is discharged from these taps.

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