Fan selection is very important in ventilation projects. Ventilation systems produced entirely from domestic resources can be used safely. The purpose of the ventilation system is to remove the dirty air in the environment and allow fresh air in. ERF Group, which is a pioneer in the sector in this regard, has been producing quality for many years. Those who want to receive ventilation system installation services can get service by providing internet access. Company experts can determine and evaluate the most appropriate system as soon as possible. Ventilation systems that are installed and delivered on time can be used safely for many years.

How to Choose a Fan in Ventilation Projects?

The ventilation system has a say especially in industrial areas. It is to change the air flow direction with the pressure support created within the working system of industrial fans. These types of fans may vary depending on the industrial area and fan requirement capacity. Care must be taken when choosing fans in ventilation projects.You can browse our fan groups

Fan Selection and Pricing for Ventilation Projects

The ventilation system should be installed taking into account the capacity compatible with the usage areas and the expectations from the system. Fan groups occupy a large place in ventilation systems. ERF Group fan types;

  • Circulating fans
  • Axial fans
  • Radial fan impellers
  • Snail Fans
  • Roof fans
  • Duct fans
  • Jet fans. You can take a look at our sample jet fans on our website.
  • Fans with aluminum casting body
  • Cabinet fan-aspirators
  • Plug fans

And they can be defined as Fan spare parts. Expected results can be achieved by using each product in areas appropriate to its technological features.

Pricing in Ventilation Systems

Ventilation projects require high engineering design. Especially among industrial fans, radial fans stand out. Before installation, the installation area and system requirements must be calculated and the most suitable system must be recommended.

Working as a manufacturer and founder of industrial ventilation systems, Erf Group provides high quality service. As a local capital investor company, it produces ventilation systems for industries, agriculture, construction and pool systems.

Industrial fans are the most commonly used types of ventilation systems. Duct system ventilation devices require professionalism, air circulation is generally provided by using snail fan types.

The aim is to provide clean air to the environment by expelling the bad air. There is company assurance during the sales and installation phase as well as after the sales and installation. This provides customer satisfaction.

Industrial Ventilation Systems

The most important requirement in industrial areas is to ensure healthy air circulation. Industrial fans, which vary in production features and capacities, require high engineering evaluation and design. The axial fan group is known as the most commonly used ventilation system.

The most distinctive feature of industrial fans is that they change the air flow direction by creating pressure. These devices can transfer air quickly and safely. It is also preferred for its ability to withstand high temperatures. Axial fans, which are easy to install and use, are long-lasting devices. Axial fans are divided into two groups among themselves.

  • Tube/Cylinder axial fans
  • Axial fans with impeller blades

Among the axial fans, the axial type with impeller blades is used in air conditioners and ventilation systems. It is also used in low, high and medium pressure heating systems. Guided cylinder axial fans are used for large air flow rates. Usage areas are known as areas with low static pressure.

Radial Fans Among Ventilation Projects

Radial fans are known as ventilation and dust collection features of ventilation systems. A choice is made between low and high capacity radial fans according to user needs. The radial fan selected according to its usage area and purpose can be used safely. Radial fan types;

Forward-curved radial fans are products that produce low pressure and are used in air conditioners.

Non-slanted radial fans are stainless steel products. It is used in high pressure air conditioners and factories.

Aerodynamic blade type radial fan is used in large air flow rates and ventilation systems.

It is known as a radial fan with backward-curved blades. It is used in private corporate workplaces and factories.

Snail / Centrifugal Fans and Pricing

Ventilation systems known as Snail / Centrifugal fans visually resemble a snail shell. It is generally used in cleaning processes and blowing and suction power are taken into consideration. Snail fans are used in factories and large-scale enterprises.

Snail / centrifugal fans, which are widely used among ventilation systems, can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. These devices can be used even on the ground and can clean with suction and blowing features. It removes the existing polluted air from the environment by taking in fresh air.

The first condition for providing a healthy air circulation depends on the quality of the product and workmanship. In this case, the first safe address that comes to mind is ERF Group. The company works with highly educated and experienced personnel and advanced production technologies.

Industrial Fans Among Ventilation Projects

Ventilation systems, known as industrial fans, are produced by ERF Group. The company's products, which provide services to many parts of Turkey and the world, are planned and installed according to need. Industrial fans, which are widely used in industrial areas, can be used in all living areas.

Cell / Cabinet fans are widely used in ventilation systems. Cell / Cabinet fans, defined as duct type fans, can provide both cooling and heating. It also improves the air quality in the environment. Cellular / Cabinet fans operate silently with their protected production technology, pulleys and belts.

Areas of use include hospitals, schools, gyms and banks. It meets the need by using it in shopping malls and meeting rooms. Since it works as a filtered product, it transmits the air taken from outside to the environment in a purified manner. Cellular fans are expanding their usage areas day by day.

Plug Fans in Industrial Ventilation Systems

Plug Fan features include its ability to be used in medium and low pressure environments. As devices that are easy to install and use, plug fans provide air circulation thanks to the bellows mounting panel. Advanced technology devices defined as industrial fans are offered to the sector by ERF Group.

The products produced with high quality materials and offered to the sector are high-performance ventilation products. Devices produced as high-quality and safe ventilation systems are installed in accordance with the area of use. ERF Group, which has a say in the universal field, works as one of the pioneers of the sector.

Among radial fans, capped types are high-performance, high-tech products. All ventilation systems that can be purchased with the manufacturer's warranty are offered with special advantages. In areas with high air flow, special systems suitable for the situation must be installed.

OBR metal body fan type, which is among the radial fans, provides air transfer by using it in closed areas. It can be used safely in greenhouses, factories, olive screening machines and dye houses.

ERF Group Product Prices

It provides services to the sector with its ventilation, mechanical field, static painting and balancing departments. The company, which has proven its difference with its many years of experience and professional team, continues on its way with its production quality and technology developments. It manufactures snail / radial fans and their derivatives with its press shop, laser cutting and twisting workshops.

ERF, which has a say in the global arena, produces in accordance with international standards. Fan selection and pricing in ventilation systems are determined according to production, design and product quality. You can safely supply products by accessing the internet from the ERF Group website.

Installation and commissioning delivery is carried out in accordance with the contract. It proves the difference in production and workmanship with its 3000 square meter production area and professional team. Ventilation systems produced with domestic raw materials and production technologies can be used in all living spaces and industrial areas.

Ventilation systems can be used in all areas such as factories, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, business centers and entertainment centers. In order to get the expected performance from the system, the product quality pricing technique and product quality must provide confidence.