The interaction between fans and air quality also affects human and living health. Improving the quality of life depends on the quality of breathing air. All the time spent between home life and work life is spent in closed environments.

Therefore, indoor air characteristics are of great importance. In this regard, the importance of air conditioning systems is increasing. Fan designs are also being developed as indoor working and living spaces increase day by day.

Fans and Air Quality

The effect of fans in providing healthy air in indoor spaces is not discussed. Air quality is also negatively affected due to global warming. For this reason, technological opportunities are utilized to the maximum extent.

Impressive changes are being made to fans that can provide a clean air environment. Serious problems may arise in those who breathe unhealthy air in their environment. These include the spread of viruses between individuals, allergic pink eye, urticaria, eczema and asthma. Additionally, the extra air pollution caused by smokers can cause negative effects.

Studies have shown that one person smokes as much air pollution as an average of 25 people. This finding alone emphasizes the importance of indoor air quality and fans.

What are the factors that deteriorate air quality?

High air quality in living spaces also increases the quality of life. Otherwise, people's spiritual, social and physical life comfort decreases. Indoor air quality needs to be improved. To achieve this, the first condition is to supply high quality fans from reliable companies. Factors that cause deterioration of air quality in indoor environments:

  • (CO)Carbon monoxide in the environment,
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2),
  • (PM10) Particles in the environment,
  • sulfur dioxide (SO2),
  • It is detected as ozone (O3).

These 5 factors, defined as polluting elements, make indoor air unhealthy. The National Air Quality Index is created based on limit values.

Can Air Quality Be Improved with Fans?

It is possible to improve the air quality in closed areas. However, the fan systems that must be used must be of high quality and comply with the standards. The expected efficiency can be achieved by selecting the latest technology fan from the ERF Group website. The fan system is installed and put into use in a short time with the assurance of the company.

Low indoor air quality reduces the living comfort of those living there. In order to increase air quality by using fans, perfect engineering studies must be carried out and system features must be determined. Providing a healthy, clean air environment by achieving the expected efficiency develops depending on this evaluation.

Fan systems are shaped according to the usage area and user needs. All details such as fan power and technological equipment required in the area should be taken into consideration.

What are the Ventilation Types?

Indoor air quality must be made compatible with health conditions. The process defined as ventilation can be provided in more than one way. Improving air quality, which is defined as changing the air in the environment, can be achieved in two ways: natural and mechanical. Natural ventilation is used as a traditional system by opening doors and windows.

Mechanical ventilation is provided by fan systems. This system works using electrical energy. Fans come to the fore in high-rise environments without natural ventilation systems. Among ERF Group products, first choice products can be safely obtained in terms of production and material quality.

What are the reasons that affect air quality?

When the pollution rate in indoor air is higher than the clean air mass, a health risk occurs. Fan systems are used to reduce the unhealthy air rate and improve indoor air quality. Air quality can be a major factor in the emergence of mental and physical problems.

Likewise, living comfort can be increased by breathing clean air. Factors that reduce air quality include particles, dust, cigarette smoke, external factors and synthetic products. Thanks to high-tech fans, safe breathing and living comfort can be ensured.

What is the Importance of Air Quality in Human Health?

Human health and the health of all living things depend on healthy air. Healthy breathing is not possible in environments where the rate of clean air is low and the rate of polluted air is high. This can cause conditions such as shortness of breath, lung problems, and skin interactions. All practices implemented to improve air quality provide social comfort.

Indoor air quality is a major factor on individual and social health. Air quality can be improved by using a fan. The most accurate technical support address in this regard is ERF Group, which works 24/7.

Thanks to its professional team and up-to-date technologies, it produces quality with confidence. Those who need a fan can place an order by choosing from the website. ERF products, known as the best in their field, are delivered and put into use as soon as possible.

Air Quality Parameter

Air quality can be measured and evaluations are made around the world. However, since air quality may differ between countries and even cities, it is done locally. In general, indoor ventilation has a high impact on health. The air quality index is symbolized by 6 colors.

Colors representing healthy and unhealthy air start from green. Green indicates the clean air environment expected for everyone. The yellow color that follows means medium level, which may be alarming and indicates that precautions should be taken. The orange that follows represents the sensitive weather environment.

Red color indicates that there are unhealthy factors that may pose a serious risk. Purple color is a sign of bad weather. Brown indicates a dangerous, alarm situation. It is considered as a health alarm for everyone.

Indoor & Outdoor Weather Effect

Air is the most necessary asset for life, providing breathing. Social information is provided by making indoor and outdoor weather assessments in the living area. Even if the outdoor air is important, it is not easy to intervene. Indoor air quality can be improved thanks to fan systems.

It can be installed safely by choosing among ERF Group fans. Clean air can be provided by installing the most suitable and highest efficiency fan system for the location. It is possible to control the air in the environment and find out whether there is a health risk.

National and International Air Quality

Air quality is of great importance to people all over the world. Dangers arising from the effects of global warming cause concern. Scientists are making great efforts on this subject. Fan systems are used all over the world to improve air quality.

ERF Group proves its difference by supplying products to many parts of Türkiye and the world. Measurement of the Carbon dioxide rate in the air around the world is carried out on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In the latest measurements, the Carbon dioxide rate was determined to be around 390 PPM. But the sad thing is that there is an increase of 2PPM every year. Nowadays, Carbon dioxide (pollutant) and Carbon monoxide (poisonous and flammable) gas measurements are made even in buildings.

How to Improve Air Quality?

Indoor air quality can be increased with fan systems. The clean air and humidity environment that must be present in living spaces must be kept in balance. Fans, defined as air conditioning systems, are devices that can create a clean air environment. It is available with HEPA filter and moisture balance features.

Fresh air can be provided by pushing the indoor air away. Comfort of life and protection of mental and physical health are possible by breathing healthy air. Being able to live in a clean air environment is considered a great luxury. To achieve this, maximum efficiency can be achieved by choosing ERF Group devices.