Duct type fans; They are called fans used in ventilation systems. They are designed to provide and control air flow through the duct. Duct type fans are used in many industrial and commercial applications.

These fans have their own types and types.


  • Round duct type fan
  • Square duct type fan
  • Silent duct type fan
  • It is divided into types such as rectangular duct type fans. The duct type fans we will examine here are rectangular duct type fans.

Rectangular Duct Type Fan Models

Rectangular duct type fan models are models that can be used artificially and vertically. These duct type fans are classified according to their dense and sparse blade structure.

Dense wing structure; The fan rotor with this wing structure is used to meet the ventilation needs of environments that do not have too much dirt and dust.

Sparse wing structure; This wing structure is generally used to transfer densely smoky, oily and dusty air masses. In addition, these duct type fan models are used especially for ventilation of neighborhoods with a lot of people. This type of fan models generally do not require a machine room as they are mounted directly on the duct due to their design and constructive principles. Rectangular cross-section air ducts are long-lasting fans designed to be mounted.

Where is Rectangular Duct Type Fan Used?

Usage areas of these duct type fans;

  • Offices
  • Homes
  • hospitals
  • restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • workshops
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • movie theaters
  • swimming pools
  • Warehouses
  • Toilets
  • theater halls

In addition, it is used to meet the ventilation needs of neighborhoods with a lot of people.

Rectangular Duct Type Fan Features

It has backward-curved galvanized wing structures and thanks to these wings, it is silent and suitable for inter-duct applications. This prismatic duct fan is highly resistant to high pressures. Rectangular duct fans are frequently preferred in low ceilings. Openable intervention covers are available. In emergency situations, these covers provide great convenience. Their body structure is very resistant to high temperatures. Ventilation ducts are the most suitable model. It is the model with the most economical and practical application. This duct type, REC series inter-duct fans, which are among the fan types, have a galvanized plug channel structure. There is thermal protection on the motors of this channel type. Depending on demand, it is also possible to produce them without thermal insulation. Fan blades provide regular air circulation. The fan blades of this duct type are manufactured to be aerodynamically curved. It is one of the most preferred and best ventilation fans due to its usage area and diversity. It provides speed controls, speed switch and frequency inverter. It has the feature of being able to be mounted from different angles. With the features of this fan type, a healthier circulation of the air in the environment is ensured.

Advantages of Rectangular Duct Type Fan

Rectangular duct type fans are manufactured from galvanized sheet metal. They are high efficiency and low noise fans. Engine and wing kits can be made easily. The suction ports of these duct type fans are produced with flanges for ease of installation. Motor protection class is IP 55 and the motors are overheating protected. These channel type motors are suitable for operation with 230V/50Hz or 400V/50Hz electricity. It is designed to meet the ventilation needs in medium and high volumes where application areas are narrow. Thanks to the openable cover, the product can be cleaned effortlessly.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rectangular Duct Type Fan

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing duct fans. Because choosing the right fan plays an important role in the effective and healthy operation of ventilation.

Things to consider here:

The circulation need of the ambient air in the area where the fan will be used should be determined and taken into account.
While large businesses can choose models such as duct type aspirator 1000m³/h, small businesses should turn to smaller models.
The size, shape and characteristics of the environment in which the duct fan will be used should be taken into consideration and preferred accordingly.
In addition, while 150 duct type fan models can be chosen in small areas, 315 duct type fan models should be chosen in large areas.
Care should be taken to have an efficient duct fan.
It should be energy saving and able to reduce operating costs.
The sound of the fan while it is operating is important for the area where this fan is used.
Care should be taken to ensure that it is long-lasting and durable.
When choosing these fans, consideration should be given to the issues that need to be taken into consideration. The most important reason for this is to avoid more serious problems later.

Best Duct Type Fan Brands

  • Blouberg Channel Type
  • S&P Channel Type
  • Vortice Channel Type
  • Vortice ca-md Channel Type
  • Elicent Channel Type

Blouberg Duct Type Fan: This duct type fan is a duct type mixed flow air circulation system produced by the Blouberg brand. In terms of usage, it can be installed in various buildings