Snail fans are known as ventilation units where square-sectioned, circular air ducts are connected to each other, used for blowing fresh air through a found air duct or for exhausting dirty air inside. There are many different types of these fans, each with "distinct features and separate functions.

The pressure ranges and flow rate they provide play a role in the distribution of these fractures. When it comes to blowing and suction power, it varies in areas of use. Snail dust collection fans are produced in the form of dense and sparse blades and are thus divided into different types.

Where is Snail Fan Used?

Low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure fans, which stand out as snail fan types, each have different functions. The low fan type is a type of fan used for ventilation of the area and is generally preferred with smoke. These fans collect particles, sawdust, thrush, waste air and dust and allow these substances to be transported from one area to another. These types of fans are mostly used in heavy industrial environments. This fan system is also used as a vital need in paint ovens, furnaces and the textile industry.

The snail fan is a functional product that makes life much easier in the industrial field. It also has a great role in industrial environments. It ensures the cleaning of dense and heavy substances present in these environments. The propeller part is designed with frequent spacing and is tilted backwards. It is also a very easy product to install. You don't have to waste hours setting it up. You can install and start using the snail dust collection fan in a short time.

The snail fan will be your greatest assistant in this cleaning process by collecting all dust particles in the area you use with high performance. Cleaning substances such as dust, particles, sawdust and cotton can be challenging in industrial areas and industrial workplaces as it takes a lot of time. While you're busy cleaning, it's inevitable that other work you need to do will be disrupted. During these times, you may concentrate on your other work and need a product that will handle your cleaning tasks in a very short time. Therefore, when you are unsure about how to clean these wastes, the snail dust collection fan will be your savior.

Especially when producing a product in industrial work areas, the dust particles remaining from this product pose a direct danger to human health. Taking individual action to clean it disrupts the working order. For this reason, the snail fan is a must-have product in industrial working environments. It allows the work to be completed in a very short time while working and allows for much higher quality and more efficient production. These fans, which are frequently sought after by company owners in the business environment, have qualities that will please everyone.

These fans, which are very simple not only in terms of installation but also in use, allow you to choose the pressure setting according to the dust rate of the area you use with different pressure systems. When you use different speed systems, you can run it at high speed and get rid of the harmful substances found effortlessly.

Another striking feature of these products is that their body parts are made of sheet metal and have a coupled motor feature. In this way, it carries the harmful substances in the environment to another area and makes them usable for another purpose. The snail fan will be your greatest assistant in the cleaning processes you need.

Snail fans have a very high draft power with the snail air motor they contain and their appearance resembles a snail. When it comes to snail fan types, the one with the strongest draft power is the ventilation fan. It absorbs all dust particles, paper and similar waste thrown in front of it using extremely high power. In this sense, we can say that the snail motor power varies depending on the size of the motor inside the snail.

Snail Fan Prices

There are many determining factors in snail fan prices. The most important of these factors is the engine power of the product. The price of a snail fan will increase depending on the size of the motor power. The most striking and functional fan type in the snail dust collection fan industry is the snail ventilation fan. These products are frequently preferred in dust collection systems. Since it has dust absorbing properties, it is indispensable for cleaning factories and businesses.

When choosing a snail fan, it would be best to make a decision by taking the durability and continuity of the product into consideration. Reliability should be prioritized in the first place. In addition, it is very important to choose the type of fan that is most suitable for human health. The fact that these products are made of solid steel material and specially produced rotots reveal the quality standards of the system.

Snail fan system options provide ventilation function in large or small areas and in working environments where cleanliness is difficult, such as industry and factories, allowing these environments to meet with fresh air in the easiest way. You can choose a snail fan system by taking into account all the features of the area you will use. As a matter of fact, industrial areas are extremely suitable for the use of these snail fans. The system that will clean heavy industrial materials in the most accurate way is only available in snail fan types. The fact that it can be easily mounted on areas such as the floor, ceiling or wall is important so that you can purchase it and start using it whenever you want.

Snail Fan Types at ERF Group

Before choosing between snail fan types, you need to have accurate information about the area you will use and choose the appropriate product. However, it is very important to make sure that the company from which you purchase the snail fan is reliable. Snail dust collection fans, which are popular because they are affordable, may malfunction in a short time and harm you in every way.

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