Indoor car parks, which are generally built in the basements of buildings such as shopping malls and housing estates, require frequent ventilation due to their structure. Otherwise, negative situations such as poisoning from exhaust gas may occur in parking lots with dozens, sometimes hundreds of cars. For this reason, business and site managements are using jet fans in car parks.

By using a jet fan, you can circulate the air of the parking lots and take clean oxygen into the parking lot while expelling harmful gases. In case of fire or heavy smoke, the rotation speed of jet fans can be increased to prevent the smoke from spreading to the entire area. This ensures that people can be evacuated safely. Firefighters can also work more effectively to extinguish the fire. Jet fans, which reduce high temperatures and eliminate harmful exhaust gases, are therefore indispensable for indoor parking lots.

Jet fan systems to be used in indoor car parks must be certified in accordance with EN 12101-3 standards. It must have the ability to operate smoothly for 2 hours even at 300 or 400 degrees. With the jet fans that we produce and sell as ERF Group, parking areas not only become safer, but also energy consumption can be reduced.

 If you want to install a jet fan in your parking lot, you can contact ERF Group and get a price quote suitable for your project. Mechanical design, CFD analysis and cold smoke testing of the jet fans to be used depending on the location of the car park will be included in the price offer you will receive.

Why is it Important to Use Jet Fans in Parking Lots?

Although there are many different types of parking lots, their biggest commonality is that they all need their own ventilation solutions. For example, in open car parks, this ventilation is provided by completely natural methods, that is, by wind. Mechanical ventilation is a must in underground car parks. Discharge fans, induction fans or jet fans are preferred at this point.

In emergency situations such as fire, the use of jet fans is very important to intervene quickly and prevent the fire from spreading rapidly. Jet fans prevent the fire from spreading rapidly thanks to their propellers, which do not operate at very high speed under normal conditions, but rotate at full capacity in emergency situations. This prevents loss of life and property and makes it easier to intervene in a fire.

Unlike traditional ventilation systems, jet fans are mounted on the ceiling. Thus, the parking lot is not occupied and there is no loss of capacity. Considering its advantages such as simplicity of installation and low purchasing cost, it is not a surprise that many businesses and sites prefer jet fans.

As ERF Group, we have recently focused on jet fan production, like many other industrial products. You can read the rest of this guide to get more information about technical issues such as jet fan usage, working principle, advantages and disadvantages.

Working Principle of Jet Fan System

Jet fan models used in indoor car parks are produced in two different capacities and types: induction (radial) and impulse (axial). Depending on variables such as the height and size of the parking lot ceiling, we can decide together which one will be the most suitable solution for you.

Jet fans, which have different rotation and air blowing abilities, are positioned in different parts of the car park to ensure equal ventilation of the entire area. If the installation and planning is not done properly, some areas of the parking lot may remain airless.

Jet fans, which operate at low rotation speed under normal conditions, thus expel carbon dioxide and harmful gases produced by cars. Thus, energy consumption is kept low in daily use.

However, in the event of a negative situation such as a fire, the jet fans start working at full capacity, preventing smoke and flames from spreading throughout the parking lot. When all jet fans start rotating at full speed, harmful gases and fumes can be extinguished in a short time.

Jet fans also make the job of firefighters who will respond to the fire easier. To effectively fight a fire, firefighters must have a visibility of at least 10 meters. Since this will be possible with jet fans, the damage can be reduced before the car park is completely reduced to ashes and without loss of life or property.

Features and Advantages of Jet Fan System

High system performance: The fire flame and the resulting smoke can be brought under control very quickly.

Low installation cost: Contrary to popular belief, jet fan installation is not expensive and laborious. Workmanship is suitable. No air duct opening is required. This reduces costs.

Low energy consumption: Offers an advantage of up to 40 percent in energy costs compared to traditional ventilation systems. Total fan power is given at a minimum level under normal conditions, and only in cases of fire do the fans operate at full capacity.

Low electrical system cost: The power generator to be activated in case of emergency does not have to be very high capacity. This is another advantage that reduces costs.

Fast installation time: Jet fan systems can be installed and ready for use in any parking garage in a very short time. Installation is almost “plug and play”. During this period, cars can continue to enter and exit the parking lot.

Easy maintenance: Service, maintenance and repair time is very short. The fact that jet fans are mounted directly on the ceiling allows workers to easily respond to malfunctions.

Simple design: Other mechanical and electrical components present in the parking lots where the installation will be made are not interfered with in any way.

It does not affect the parking capacity: After the jet fan installation, there is no decrease in the number of cars that can be parked in the parking lots. The reason for this is that, unlike traditional ventilation systems, no equipment is installed on the horizontal axis.

It is a fact that every car park needs a ventilation system both to control dirty air and to be prepared for emergency scenarios. At this point, the use of jet fans appears as the most logical and efficient ventilation solution. If you want to protect your parking lot against dangers and take precautions against negative situations such as fire, you can benefit from jet fan systems produced with the assurance of ERF Group.

If there is no ventilation system in your indoor car park, harmful exhaust gases that will be released as the number of vehicles increases may harm human health. In case of fire, smoke can quickly cover the entire area. The use of jet fans is very useful in such scenarios. It both eliminates exhaust gases and prevents fire flames from reaching anywhere.

Jet Fan is Purchased from Erf Group

As ERF Group, we have currently developed and started selling two different jet fan models for use in car parks. These jet fans, codenamed JFRP-500 and JFRP-560, meet different needs with different power and maximum flow features. If you have no idea which one will suit you, that's okay. Just contact us. Our representatives will get back to you during working hours and answer your questions.

Yes, if you would like to take your place among our happy customers, contact us immediately via the contact form. You can get information about details such as installation, service and warranty, and we can also offer you the best price offer after making an exploration.