The snail type (radial) fan ensures that all dirty dust and particle-laden air is removed from the environment. Especially welding and paint workshop areas are generally very dusty places. Therefore, snail fans are resistant to pressure even at the highest speed with their durable structures.

What Does Radial / Snail Fan Do?Snail fans are therefore the types of systems that carry out the removal of oily and particle-laden air in the industrial area. It is the best trouble-free ventilation system. With ERF Group, it is possible to relax with the best and trouble-free ventilation systems.

What is Snail (radial) Fan?

ERF Group serves as the best company in ventilation systems. It consists of units connected to flexible, circular cross-section and square cross-section air ducts for transferring air in many indoor environments. It is in great demand in industrial areas with suction and blowing snail (radial) fan types.

Snail (radial) fan usually plays an important role in exhausting the toxic air, which is dense in the ventilation systems of industrial - production factories and is formed by many heavy substances. Snail (radial) fan is designed in different ways as low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. Snail (radial) fan is a type of fan that is very easy to install.

Snail (radial) fan types generally carry out the function of transporting harmful air such as particles, lint, light sawdust, dust and waste air in the best way. Snail (radial) fans are easily preferred and used as ventilation systems in many areas. It is found in textile and furnaces.

Advantages of Using Snail (radial) Fan

Snail (radial) fans are manufactured for very long periods of use due to their functions and durable structures. Snail (radial) type fans are produced directly according to their high pressure and flow rates. They are produced as coupled or belt and pulley driven. Thanks to these designs, bad substances in the air are thrown out.

In addition, all bad particles are easily transferred to the outer part from the section by blowing method. Thus, it provides great advantages in the most suitable way for the usage areas. They are the most advantageous fan systems used in the evacuation of the air inside the factory environments. With ERF Group, you can evaluate these advantages in the best and high quality.

Snail (radial) Fan Types

Snail (radial) fan types are units that blow fresh air into the air ducts or help to discharge the dirty air inside. It is a ventilation system in which land-shaped cross-section and circular air ducts are connected to each other. It has many designs according to each area and where it will be used.

There are types of fans suitable for many areas. These fan systems and all of them have a separate function. There are snail (radial) fan types produced by ERF Group. It is possible to list these ventilation fan systems as follows.

  • Low Pressure snail (radial) fans.
  • Medium pressure snail (radial) fans.
  • High pressure snail (radial) fans.
  • Snail (radial) fans with special suction mouth
  • Aluminium Casting snail (radial) fans.
  • Hot environment exhaust fans
  • Dust and sawdust extraction fans

Backward Curved Low Pressure Snail Fans

It has a sparse blade structure. The backward-inclined and low-pressure snail fan ensures that the heavy air in the environment is blown and evacuated. This type of low pressure snail fan is the type of fan used in the evacuation of the air inside in cases where ventilation is insufficient in a normal way. It blows the bad gas odours in this area and the ventilation ducts to the outside in the fastest way. With ERF Group, it is very easy to have the best quality backward inclined low pressure snail fans.

Conical Medium Pressure Snail Fan Types

Conical medium pressure snail fans are generally the type of fan that contains oil and dust. Conical medium pressure snail fan, which is especially preferred for toxic air, is very popular due to its suitability for high air flow rate and pressure. It attracts great interest in areas of use. It provides a lot of comfort. You can contact ERF Group as soon as possible to have these fans.

Dense Blade Snail Fan Types

It allows the dusty air and dirty air generated in factory environments and workshops to be discharged quickly. Maintenance is very comfortable and practical. It is one of the certain types because it is very easy to use. These frequent winged snail fan types offer you the best service with ERF Group.

High Pressure Snail Fan Types

Blower type snail fan has a high pressure. Although it provides a small flow rate, it has a high pressure to the opposite side. This type of fan is generally used in heat and glass industry. It is also used with great demand in casting factories and cement factories.

Medium Pressure Snail Fan Types

It requires a normal level of pressurised air. It is used for the best removal of dusty and oily air in the environments where it is located. You can contact ERF Group for medium pressure Snail fan types.

Sparse Blade Snail Fan Types

Snail fans with sparse blades are used with great demand in workshops and similar working environments. It is used for the rapid cleaning of large dust particles, sawdust and marble particles from the air. It provides the formation of a certain air channel according to the blowing power in the environment.

How to Choose Snail (radial) Type Fan?

Fan selection has a very important place in the system with a certain air distribution. Therefore, it is important to design the system completely according to the environment in the selection of devices. Thus, it is extremely important that the dimensions of all elements are specific and regular.

Thus, the fan flow rate should be determined in the air distribution system. Then the fan should be selected in the most appropriate way. The pressure level applied by the fan elements must be balanced. According to these determined features, fan preference should be made according to the situation of each company.

What are Snail Type Fan Tasks?

According to the types of these fans, their features differ in large or small areas. It refreshes the environment by acting as ventilation and cleaning in business environments such as many industries and factories. You can make trouble-free operations by choosing the most suitable snail fan according to your area. For this reason, industrial areas are suitable for the use of these fan systems. It is necessary for cleaning heavy industrial materials. It is easily mounted on areas such as walls or ceilings. For this reason, it is always preferred intensively. The highest quality fan systems are waiting for you with ERF Group.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Snail Type Fans?

Preferences should be made by considering continuity and durability whenever possible. Human health should always be considered in terms of reliability. Therefore, careful choices should be made. Therefore, it must be made of solid steel. There are specially produced engines according to this area. The quality of the snail fan system must be of great quality. For this reason, attention should be paid to the fans needed in the sector and the characteristics of the air duct in snail fan types. Product quality is important for many auxiliary pipes and compartments. Quality has an important place in terms of human health.