The operating principle of the air handling unit is a system that aims to provide clean air to the area where it is located, to adjust the humidity and temperature, and to purify the dust and particles in the air. So, it actually carries a kind of air purifier format.

It completely purifies and cleans the air it draws in, and ensures that the required values are created and the air in the environment is transferred back to the environment after it reaches the required function.

What is an Air Handling Unit?

Air conditioning unit is a subject that many people are curious about. To summarize, it can be defined as the name given to devices that can perform various preparation and filtering processes of the air that will enter the environment. In other words, air handling units are devices that allow the air taken from the atmosphere to be re-sent to the environment as a result of different conditioning.

Air handling units ensure that the humidity and temperature of the air in the indoor environment are kept constant by bringing them to the required or desired conditions. Accordingly, you can get the comfort you want. At the same time, another positive feature is that it constantly cleans the air in its environment by trapping solid particles, microorganisms or gases in the fresh air it receives from the external environment.

What are the Types of Air Handling Units?

Known air handling unit types work with 4 thermodynamic air conditioning functions. These functions can be listed as follows;

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Moistening
  • Dehumidification

Air conditioning units differ depending on their usage areas or purpose of use.

Mixed Air Air Handling Unit

The air handling unit, which has a mixed air system, can mix the air in the exhaust air with fresh air as desired. If the exhaust air has the same average amount of oxygen as the air outside, the fresh air can be mixed with the exhaust air and the fresh air damper can be reduced.

However, this system should not be preferred for hospitals or pharmaceutical factories. Likewise, mixed air air handling units should not be used in kitchens and places where exhaust air may be harmful.

Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit

In areas with this type of air handling unit, the air conditioner transfers energies to each other within the heat recovery cell as a result of mixing the air with the exhaust air. It is a type of air handling unit that can regulate the air in this way. It has also been determined that it provides efficient energy savings of up to 70%. Therefore, its usage area is widespread.

Fresh Air Plant System

Another type of air conditioning unit is the fresh air air conditioning system. The air handling unit with this type of system can be defined as the air handling unit that transfers the air obtained from the atmosphere to the area where it is located. Exhaust process is provided with the support of cellular aspirators.

Hygienic Air Handling Unit

The type of air conditioner used for ventilation of environments is also known as Hygienic air handling unit. Among the air handling unit types, this type of system requires the most care and attention. In hygienic air handling units, microorganisms and particles should never enter the system.

At the same time, extreme care should be taken to prevent microorganisms from forming inside the power plant. For a hygienic air handling unit, the humidity rate should be kept low and water accumulation should be prevented for its healthy use. Additionally, the materials used should be cleaned regularly.

It is also necessary to be sure that these products will not produce microorganisms. Therefore, attention should be paid to its cleaning and maintenance and it is very important. When we look at the areas of use, we see that there are places where hygiene is important, such as SPA and indoor pools. In addition to these

  • Operating Rooms
  • Museums
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Food Production Facilities Also

It is among the most used areas.

Air Conditioning Units for Comfort

Another type of air handling unit is Comfort air handling units. This type of air handling unit is a system developed considering the fresh air needs in the living area. The areas of use where comfort conditioning plants are generally preferred include shelter ventilation plants and pool dehumidification plants.

Air Handling Units for Industrial Purposes

There are also facilities in the venue where air handling units are preferred for industrial purposes. Industrial air handling units are preferred in manufacturing environments to create the most suitable air conditions for products produced every second.

Therefore, its use is of great importance in the production industry. It constantly refreshes the air in the facility and adjusts it by calculating the required capacity. The usage areas of industrial air handling units can be listed as follows;

  • Paper production and usage facilities
  • Ceramic production facilities
  • Textile production facilities
  • Chiller cooling projects
  • Petrochemical plants

How Do Air Handling Units Work?

Working principles may be different for each air handling unit. Therefore, there is more than one answer to the question of how an air handling unit works. Working principles generally proceed as follows in many systems.

  • Dumper motor
  • Filter
  • Heating or cooling sepant
  • Fan and
  • There is an aspirator.

System elements other than these parts vary depending on the type of system, increasing or decreasing. For example, the aspirator works with the air coming from outside, while the fan is the element that allows the air to be removed from the inside to be transferred outside.

In order for the air handling unit to work, fresh air must be introduced with the help of dampers. Air handling unit operating principle and other steps vary depending on the type of air handling unit. Generally, the fresh air taken passes through various sections and the desired air suitable for the purpose is transferred back to the environment.

What are Air Handling Unit Sections?

Just like the working principle, air handling unit sections also vary depending on the type of air handling unit. It is important to know the physical and technical features of the power plant. Each one has its own importance.

The section called the mixing chamber ensures the mixing of air at different values and the transformation of the desired air into the environment. Thus, it creates energy savings. The wife's room is an important piece with a multi-purpose use area.

A dust filter is a product that should be used to clean the air taken from the atmosphere. There are three types: Hepa filter, panel filter and bag filter.

It has pre-cooler and heater sections. This section gains great importance in summer and winter. It plays an important role in the humidity and water used.

The humidifier section is the product responsible for the balance of humidity. If necessary, spray, water or steam humidification options are available.

The drip catcher section can be defined as the name given to the area that prevents the mixing of water that managed to escape from the humidifier with the outlet air.