Jet Fans, Jet Fan Types

Jet fans are generally air transfer vehicles in parking lots. The working system is to ensure that the exhaust gases are discharged. By placing air and smoke dampers on their shafts, the transfer of fresh air in and exhaust air out is ensured. Jet fans are produced in different configurations as radial design and axial design. Its main task is to provide perfect air circulation between floors.

What Does a Jet Fan Do?

Jet fans are air transfer vehicles that operate in accordance with the production technique and purpose of use. They are the devices responsible for performing smoke evacuation and carrying healthy air to the environment. Its body is made of galvanized sheet. Sheet thickness is 2mm. There is a round silencer system on both sides of the impeller. Electric motors, on the other hand, are strong enough to operate for 120 minutes and withstand temperatures of 300°. The production technique of the propellers gives the opportunity to adjust the angle.

Fans produced using aluminum can be intervened with the help of skids. The skids in the fan and engine sections allow the necessary intervention. Jet fan systems are supported by grooves to further carry the air outlet. With the help of the directional flaps located at the air outlet points, the air can be carried to the desired point. Jet fans are installed in car parks and work with air quality and smoke detectors. Jet fans are used in parking lots, highway tunnels, railways and mines.

What are the Jet Fan Types?

There are types of jet fans according to usage area and need. Fresh air-pressure devices, exhaust gas control devices, explosion-proof jet fans, jet fans with heat loss prevention feature, are devices with high technical features produced for shelters, parking lots, roofs and kitchens. Jet fans produced in accordance with international standards have a wide range of uses. It is vital with its production technology and functional strengths.

There are two types of jet fans as radial impeller jet fans and direct coupled impeller jet fans. Direct coupled impeller jet fans with bidirectional axial propellers can operate for 2 hours with a heat resistance of 300 to 400°C. It can be produced as one-way or two-way depending on the usage situation and place. Radial impeller jet fans; used at low heights. It can be used safely in areas with a height of less than 2,4 meters. F400- 120 - F300-120 models are among the productions of the company. It can work continuously for 2 hours as it is resistant to 300- 400°C heat.

Where Are Jet Fans Used?

The use of jet fan systems is increasing rapidly with the establishment of tall buildings. In addition to parking ventilation systems, jet fans are safely used in subways and highway tunnels. Even without air duct connections, effective and economical jet fans can be installed in parking lots. The interaction distance can be adjusted by mounting the fan systems in certain configurations.

Circular flow air circulation is provided with the support of shafts. In the event of a possible fire, the nearest jet fans can operate at high speeds and direct the smoke and flames out. Thus, life and property safety can be ensured. You can get ERF Group support for your jet fan or industrial fan needs. The company, which has gained customer satisfaction with its high quality and safe production, produces with up-to-date technologies.

Jet Fan Systems

Jet fans are highly efficient products as air transfer products. Maximum efficiency is obtained by installing it with features suitable for the purpose of use. ERF Group can safely meet your needs for jet fans, roof fans and industrial fans in its production line. It is one of the pioneers of the sector in ERF ventilation systems, which continues its production without sacrificing quality and product safety.

It has products such as roof type, smoke discharge fans, horizontal discharge, radial roof, vertical discharge roof fans. You can also supply your needs from high efficiency fan types, each in its own field. The company, which continues on its way with its expert staff and up-to-date technology productions, does not recognize any competitors in terms of trust and quality.