The need for clean air, which holds a vital place in human life, continues to increase day by day due to the high human density. The rise in high-rise buildings, the development of industry, and the increase in spaces with large groups of people highlight the importance and necessity of ventilation systems. Ventilation systems are essential for continuously renewing and refreshing the polluted air in crowded indoor spaces or industrial kitchens.

Ventilation Companies

As natural ventilation methods become insufficient or when there is a desire to maintain heating and cooling balance within a space, the demand for mechanical ventilation systems has increased. These ventilation systems utilize fresh air and exhaust systems. Considering the energy source that activates these ventilation systems, it can be said that natural-mechanical ventilation and purely mechanical ventilation come to the forefront.

Chimney aspirators that operate on the principle of wind power can be given as an example of natural mechanical ventilation. Aspirators with natural intake and mechanical exhaust, ventilators with mechanical intake and natural exhaust, and systems with ventilators and aspirators that have both mechanical intake and exhaust can be cited as examples of mechanical ventilation.

Ventilation systems, installed in enclosed spaces, create an independent quality and value of indoor air from the outside. This ensures the entry of clean air into the space without being affected by hot or cold outdoor air. In the exhaust system, it becomes possible to prevent the loss of desired heat along with the polluted air inside. Consequently, the most important aspects to consider in ventilation systems are the air's temperature, cleanliness, and speed. These values are taken into account to determine the ventilation needs and to identify the necessary device systems.

During this determination, factors such as heat generated inside, carbon dioxide gas, water vapor, humidity, and harmful substances emitted in industrial areas and mixed into the air should be considered. To create an environment with efficient and open air channels, these factors in the air must be thoroughly cleaned. To understand if spaces have adequate ventilation, it should be ensured that fresh air intake is properly executed and that this air is distributed to meet the need for air distribution, without causing uncomfortable drafts. Additionally, it is very important to ensure that the mechanical installation and the noise level of the operating ventilators and other devices are not disturbing.

Ventilation problems in environments are addressed by the Building Law No. 3194, which mandates adequate lighting and ventilation systems in residences. Sealant measures applied to buildings to prevent heat loss can become a factor that eliminates ventilation possibilities. Moreover, some studies have found that indoor air pollution in public buildings can reach up to 30%. This pollution is due to the lack of necessary ventilation systems or the inadequacy of the applied systems.

The İmportance of Ventilation Companies

In order to meet the ventilation needs accurately, proper calculations should be made, and installation should be carried out according to the facility plan. It is essential to pay attention to the placement of devices like Spiral and Cell fans close to the roof to avoid disturbing noises that may arise from them. To ensure progress in industrial and residential areas and meet the ventilation needs of people in the environment, it is crucial to give importance to mechanical ventilation systems. Business owners in our country should focus more diligently on ventilation needs in the workplace, and regulatory authorities overseeing this system should ensure that harmful air is effectively removed to prevent adverse effects on employees.

According to the World Health Organization, when the carbon dioxide concentration in indoor air exceeds three in ten thousand, it indicates an unhealthy environment when people are indoors. Especially in environments with high human circulation, the presence of products, and rapid pollution leading to insufficient clean air, it becomes hazardous to human health. Without a ventilation system in place, introducing sufficient clean air into the environment is impossible. Sweating, continuous respiration, and various odors from people pollute the indoor air, and if ventilation is not done promptly, the spread of many diseases becomes more accessible. The reason for the further spread of diseases in such environments is the lack of adequate ventilation.

At this point, companies that incorporate state-of-the-art technology in ventilation systems excel in supplying the right ventilation system for every environment with various ventilation systems they produce. Therefore, before purchasing a ventilation system, it is essential to be meticulous in choosing the company. Prioritizing quality and long-lasting ventilation systems in company selection brings many advantages in the long run.

When using ventilation systems, dust particles in the air are filtered to prevent them from infiltrating the environment. These dust filters, which must be replaced regularly, are crucial for having much cleaner air. Especially in environments where higher levels of cleanliness are required, such as hospitals, different filters may be used. These filters, which are resistant to all kinds of heat, are applied using different options depending on the space. Sometimes, unnecessary costs may arise when a more powerful filter than necessary is used. In this case, there is an unnecessary increase in the budget allocated for the ventilation system.

Another crucial factor, as important as the company, in selecting a ventilation system is human circulation, the size of the space, the presence of items in the space, and the presence of kitchens and bathrooms. These and many other factors directly affect the size of the ventilation mechanism. Therefore, when it is necessary to use ventilation filters, a space analysis should be performed by the ventilation system manufacturer, and then you should decide on the project that will be presented. Unnecessarily consuming energy and easily cleanable filters are always considered much more preferred filter models.

The ERF Group Difference in Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are indispensable in crowded areas where clean and healthy air is not possible. In the long term, the choice of which company provides effective systems that directly impact human health by cleaning polluted air is crucial. The company's commitment to quality principles, along with quality ventilation systems at reasonable price ranges, ensures the attainment of clean air. Since the size of ventilation system installations will vary for each space, it is not always possible to provide a clear statement regarding the price. Depending on the requirements of the system to be used and the characteristics of the space where the ventilation system installation will be carried out, price ranges will be determined. Therefore, it is advisable to adjust the budget according to the offer after the exploration.

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