Aluminum Body Centrifugal Fans

Aluminum body fans are widely preferred in the fan product group. The resistance of this fan type is quite high and it is divided into many types in itself. In recent years, the use of aluminum body fans has become widespread in many sectors. The reason for this is that it saves energy at a high rate and has functional properties. You can get information about aluminum body fan types by contacting us through our company. At the same time, you can examine our fan types and the services we offer in detail on our website.

alüminyum döküm gövdeli fanlar

Usage Areas of Aluminum Body Centrifugal Fans

The fact that there are varieties of aluminum body centrifugal fans significantly expands their usage areas. Aluminum body centrifugal fans provide convenience in many sectors from textile to animal husbandry. Let's examine the usage areas of aluminum body centrifugal fans;

In the heating industry, when liquid and solid fuels are burned in boilers
Providing air flow indoors
In industrial type machines used in the jewelery field
In coops with roosters and chickens
In areas where greenhouse cultivation is common
In humid areas with high humidity
In the mines
It is widely used in many manufacturing companies.
Aluminum body fans, which have a very wide usage area, are introduced to the market with many types today. Therefore, companies can easily find the most suitable fan model for their needs. In order to obtain a high level of performance from the aluminum body fans, it must be of high quality. You can get the best quality and affordable aluminum body fan types from our company. You can get detailed information about our fan types and usage patterns by contacting our expert team.

There are different types of fans in our company. Since each of the fan types has different features, it is extremely important to choose according to the usage area. You can examine the features of our fan types in detail by visiting our company. Based on our years of experience, we offer you the best quality products at the most affordable prices. To have quality fans, it will be enough to reach us.

Aluminum Casting  Fan Types

Among the aluminum fan types, the most prominent ones are; volute fans, radial fans, high - medium - low pressure fans, axial fans, blowers. Radial fans stand out with their strong body structure. Radial fans can have both metal and aluminum bodies. However, among the radial fan types, models with aluminum bodies are more preferred. One of the reasons for this is that the aluminum-bodied radial fans continue to operate at high pressures and temperatures by showing a high level of performance. At the same time, these models save space in the area where they are located, as they have a compact structure.

Another type of fan is axial fans. Axial fans provide full protection against rust and corrosion. At the same time, the motor of the axial fans is external rotor. One of the distinguishing features of axial fans is that they have a dagger blade structure. Thanks to this structure, it performs at a high level. Axial fans are commonly preferred in areas such as workshop ventilation and cooling of welding machines.

You can examine the fan types with high quality and wide-ranging features on our company. As our company, you can shop with peace of mind as we show our difference in the field of fans. You can get support about fan usage by contacting our expert team. At the same time, since our company offers a quality guarantee, you can use your fans for a long time without any breakdowns. You can visit our company to review our services.

Features and Usage Areas of Centrifugal Fans

Radial fans, which resemble snail shells in appearance, are defined as centrifugal fans. The assortment of centrifugal fans is quite wide. Low - high pressure fans, blower fans and single suction radial fans are grouped under the 'volume fan' category. In volute fans, the air is taken from the center point and the air is released out after the pressure ratio is increased gradually. The most prominent, highly durable and most preferred model among all types of industrial fans are centrifugal fans.

Since the types and features of centrifugal fans are extremely wide, their usage areas are also very common. Centrifugal fans with external rotor motor are mostly preferred to clean the dust and particles in the environment. Centrifugal fans also show high performance as cooling and drying fans in the industry. In short, centrifugal fans are used as the first choice in every field where industrial fans are needed.

As Erf Group, we have prepared various and high quality fans for you. You can have the best quality of centrifugal fan types at the most affordable prices through our company. At the same time, since the fans in our company have different features, you can easily find the most suitable model for your usage area. You can contact our expert team to have detailed information and to get support about the use of fans.