Cell Aspirators are one of the most popular and functional among ventilation systems. The cells consist of double-walled panels with 50 mm rockwool insulation. Cell aspirators are extremely durable as they have a steel body. Cell aspirators, which perform the ventilation process in the most practical way, draw attention with their different types today. Cell aspirators are mostly preferred in large environments.

hücreli aspiratör

Since it is more difficult to ventilate large areas, an effective product is needed. Cellular aspirators attract people's attention because they perform at a high level in large areas. Cell aspirators are frequently encountered in areas where human traffic is experienced such as gymnasiums and parking lots. Since these products have different speed settings, they offer the opportunity to choose according to the needs.

Cell aspirators are at the forefront of the products that realize the air flow in the environment in the most efficient way. There are varieties of these products with different properties. Cellular aspirators are more effective than other types of aspirators due to their structure. You can get information about cell aspirator types by contacting us through our company. At the same time, you can review our cell aspirator types on our website. You can contact us for detailed information.

What is the Function of Cell Aspirators?

The only task of cellular aspirator types is to provide air flow in the environment. Thanks to these products, the air entering and leaving the environment can be controlled. Today, the use of cell aspirators in closed and large spaces is extremely common. The reason for this is that the ventilation of the environment cannot occur naturally. In this case, cellular aspirators come into play and the air balance in the environment is provided.

Cell aspirators stand out with their ease of use and durability for many years. These products are mostly preferred in places where people enter and exit, such as shopping malls, gyms, hospitals and schools. One of the greatest privileges of these products is their extremely quiet operation despite their high performance. Thanks to this feature, people are not disturbed by noise in places where they actively enter and exit.

When choosing between cellular aspirator types, it is necessary to pay attention to the area of ​​use and purpose of use. Different aspirator models stand out in different areas. In order to obtain high efficiency, the correct aspirator selection must be made. You can get information about our cell aspirators by contacting our expert team through our company. You can visit our company to have quality and long-lasting aspirators.

Cell Aspirator Types

Cell aspirator types; It appears in three different categories as sparse bladed, frequent bladed and double cabin fan. The panels of the dense vane cell aspirators within our company are 20 mm thick. At the same time, our products are durable for many years because they are made of galvanized sheet. Speed ​​control in our dense vane cell aspirator types is provided by the belt-pulley system.

Sparse-wing models, on the other hand, attract attention with their vibration-free operation. At the same time, sparsely winged models offer high-level performance by providing high energy savings. The thickness of the panels of sparse finned cell aspirators is also 20 mm. Sparse bladed aspirator models are mostly preferred in places where oily air is dense.

You can get detailed information about cell aspirator types by contacting our expert team through our company. You can easily obtain the most suitable model for your needs by examining the cell aspirator types on our internet address. At the same time, you can see all the technical specifications of our aspirator types on our website. You can visit our company to be on the coast of quality and reliable aspirators.

Advantages of Cell Aspirators

Let's examine the advantages of cellular aspirators;

Thanks to its special and useful structures, it provides maximum efficiency with a silent operation.
Since cellular aspirators have a durable structure, they are not affected by effective weather events such as rain and snow.
As additional filter support can be made, the usage area can be expanded upon request.
Cell aspirators provide ease of use and do not require constant maintenance.
Since the structure of cellular aspirators is not complicated, they can be easily repaired and cleaned.
As Erf Group, we have prepared a variety of high quality and durable aspirators for you. You can get information about our aspirators by visiting our company and you can reliably supply them. You can also benefit from the technical support of our expert team. We are waiting for you to our company for quality and affordable aspirator shopping.