Duct fans are products that we often prefer in our daily life. In order to provide the necessary air flow to the environment, the use of duct fans is becoming widespread. Although fans are widely used for ventilation of the space, they have also been frequently preferred for ventilation of electrical devices in recent years. Fans stand out with their varieties with different features. The diversity of the fans has greatly expanded the area of use.

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Among the various fans, it is necessary to choose according to the usage area and purpose. One of the most prominent among the fan types is the duct fans. Duct fans are one of the models that are widely used today and attract attention with their functional features. Fans need electricity while providing the required air flow in the environment. As the propeller on the top of the fans moves, air flow is also provided. This movement provides static and kinetic energy to the fan.

Working principles differ according to the types of fans. Since the movement of each fan type is different from each other, there is also a change in the static and kinetic energy ratios provided. The working principle of duct fans also differs according to the movement of the propeller and therefore the energy generated. You can get detailed information and support about duct fans by contacting us through our company. You can examine in detail the services we offer and our quality fan types on our website. You can also easily contact us for information about the use of fans.

Featured Duct Type Fans Features

The degree of flow on the propeller is effective in separating the fans into different categories. What distinguishes duct fans from other types of fans is the movement of the propeller and the energy it produces. Let's examine the prominent features of duct fans. According to the working principle of duct fans, the air flows parallel to the fan shaft. At the same time, the air is expelled directly. Channel fans also draw attention with their varieties with different features. It is divided into two categories as bladed and sleeved duct fans.

The reason why propeller driven blade and sleeve fans are included in duct fans is that they are designed in tubular form. In these types of fans, the motor assembly is directly connected to the fan inside a pipe sheath. The main reason why this type of fan is called duct fans is the piping assembly installed. The main material from which the fans are obtained is galvanized sheets used in the form of rectangular or square. In duct fans, as in many fan types, pressure differences occur. The air flow created by the effect of these pressure differences is provided in the axial direction.

By contacting us through our company, you can supply various fans in the most reliable way. The quality of our fans ensures that the air flow in your environment is at a high level. You can contact us to learn more about the prominent features and advantages of duct fans. You can get detailed information about the usage areas and usage of duct fans from our expert team. You can see our company's years of experience and the quality of the services it offers on our website.

Let's Examine the Types of Duct Type Fans

Duct type fan types are divided into different categories according to their characteristics. It appears in three different groups as propeller blade type, guide roller type and roller blade type. The propeller blade type stands out with its propeller systems, as its name suggests. Propeller blade type; Its use in low, medium and high pressure areas is extremely common and it performs at a high level. Duct type fans with propeller blades are mostly preferred in applications such as general heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Among the duct type fans, the propeller blade type is the most widely used model.

Cylindrical bladed type has a narrower usage area than propeller bladed type. Cylinder vane type performs only in low and medium pressure areas. This duct type fan type is not preferred in high pressure systems. Duct type fans with cylinder blades provide high performance in the exhaust sections of painting and drying cabinets.

Guided roller type is less preferred among duct type fans than others. Because the guided cylinder type only stands out in low static pressure systems. These duct type fans do not show the desired performance in medium and high pressure systems. The guided cylinder type is used to obtain large airflows. You can get more information about duct type fan types by contacting us through our company. At the same time, you can provide the necessary support from our expert team when choosing a fan according to your usage area.

Usage Areas of Duct Type Fans

The reason for the wide usage areas of duct type fans is that they have extremely functional features. Duct type fans stand out with their extremely compact structure. At the same time, since the connection direction can be changed, it shows the same performance in different areas. Duct type fans can be used as a fan or aspirator. The fact that these fan types have flanged connections provides convenience to the users. It is often preferred because it offers a comfortable use in ventilation systems.

Duct type fans do not cause discomfort as they do not make noise while working. At the same time, the speed adjustment of the duct type fans can be made by the user. In this way, the capacity of the fan can be determined by the user. The fact that duct type fans have practical and distinctive features provides the expansion of their usage areas. Duct type fans; It is widely used to provide ventilation in areas such as workplace, home, locker room, toilet and gym.

As Erf Group, we have prepared various fans for you. You can easily find the type of fan suitable for your area of ​​use through our company. You can obtain the model suitable for your purpose among the duct type fan types at the most affordable prices. Since our company offers a quality guarantee, you can use our fans for many years without any problems. You can get support about the use of fans from our expert team. You can visit our company for detailed information.