Heat recovery devices are energy-saving mechanical ventilation devices to create a clean and livable environment. It can be used in all places that need fresh air in general, such as residences, offices, workplaces, where heating and cooling processes are carried out.

If we explain what heat recovery devices do in detail, we can say that creating a clean environment is the basis. Heat recovery devices not only ensure that the exhaust air that needs to be expelled from the environment is transferred to the outside, but also helps to obtain the fresh air that the indoor environment needs. All these are carried out in accordance with energy saving. During this process, that is, when the exhaust and fresh air circulation is done, the energy in the heat-loaded air is transferred to the fresh air.

What are the Advantages of Heat Recovery Devices?

Especially in the winter season, sometimes a feeling of cooling can be experienced in some environments. We can give examples of places such as offices, movie theaters. This happens because air is circulated from the indoor to the outside. Since the air exit process from the indoor environment takes place quickly, cold air can come from places such as windows and doors and the space can suddenly become cold. Therefore, the comfort in the environment may deteriorate. Conventional aspirator devices also offer this effect, but both suction and blowing cannot be done at the same time in aspirator devices. Doing so may produce undesirable results. However, since there are fans and aspirator fans at the same time in heat recovery devices, energy and heat recovery can be made.

Heat recovery devices not only provide you with clean air, but also prevent condensation that may occur in winter.

One of the benefits of heat recovery devices is that they are user-friendly for people with conditions such as asthma or allergies, while providing fresh air to the environment.

ERF Group Heat Recovery Devices

ERF Group offers you options such as aluminum heat exchanger, cross flow plug fan heat recovery devices, electric duct type heaters, double suction radial fan aluminum heat exchanger cross current heat recovery devices.

The products you will find in our heat recovery devices category provide comfortable ventilation of your environments. In addition, while exhausting the air of the environment, it also provides fresh air. Electric duct type heaters, which are among our options, are mounted between the ducts and allow the fresh air to be heated up to the ambient temperature and blown into the space.

You can find the technical information you need about our heat recovery devices on our website. In cases where you need more information, you can also get support by contacting our technical team. You can also follow the relevant steps to get a price quote from the page of the product you want to buy. Our team will contact you as soon as possible and assist you.

ERF Group Quality in Heat Recovery Devices

Thanks to the ERF Group, the heat recovery units you will have are manufactured to be easy to install. They are also easily accessible and cleanable. They are designed in different sizes and capacities according to the place of use and need. In addition, our products are durable for long-term use. After determining your needs, you can easily access all our heat recovery devices under the name of Fan Group from the Products category on our website.

Heat recovery devices may differ according to their models and features. For price information, simply contact us.

After reviewing it on our site, we quickly deliver all the products you are considering to buy. We offer you quality with our working principle that prioritizes customer satisfaction. You can contact us as soon as possible to experience the privilege of getting service from ERF Group.