Industrial Fans, Features

Industrial fans are fans whose main task is ventilation and are used in many industrial establishments. These fans are needed for ventilating larger areas rather than the use of individual areas. Ventilation is needed in many different situations in industry. The use of ventilation in different areas causes a variety of industrial fans to be produced. Industrial fans for sale in the market are produced for the needs of different sectors.

Industrial fan manufacturers produce their products and spare parts such as fan blades according to the needs of the industries. An industrial fan manufacturer can produce products in ready-made capacities and models, or they can produce special industrial fans in line with the wishes and needs of their customers. As one of the companies that has proven itself in the production of industrial fans in Turkey, we export our products not only in Turkey but also to many countries of the world. We are one of the leading companies in the production of industrial fans in Turkey. Thanks to the R&D studies we have done before the production of our products, we know all the needs and demands of the sector in the best way. We always attach importance to innovation studies in line with the needs and wishes of our dealers and customers.

The first thing you need to know before installing an industrial fan in your building is what you need. Which type of industrial fan works for you? You should have information on many issues such as which types of industrial fans increase the efficiency of your business and save you energy consumption. Therefore, the first thing to know about industrial fans is the types of industrial fans.

Features of Industrial Fans

The specifications of industrial fans are quite extensive. These fans have improved a lot in recent years in terms of features. These electrically operated products provide significant savings in energy consumption. Therefore, we can say that it is both environmentally friendly and budget friendly. Since the propeller parts of industrial fans are made of metal material, they are extremely durable and resistant to impacts. The durability of the propellers directly affects its performance.

Today, industrial fans are generally preferred because they are durable and safe. These products, which consume less electricity and show high performance, have come to the fore in recent years with their different varieties. The propeller parts of industrial fans are designed with a very careful sound and show symmetrical features. Since the propellers of these fans are strong, they transmit the wind extremely effectively. In addition, industrial fans are highly resistant to abrasion.

The usage areas of industrial fans are expanding considerably today. You can use these fans for many years without any problems. You can get detailed information about the features of industrial fans by contacting us through our company. You can provide support by contacting our expert team. By visiting our company, you can benefit from the services we offer and obtain our quality products. You can choose us by relying on our years of experience.

Industrial Fan Types

Industrial fans are devices that change the direction of air flow with the pressure they create. These devices are available in both design and capacity, depending on the needs. Although industrial fans basically have the same working order, they are produced in different designs due to the change in usage areas. In other words, the most distinctive feature in the designs of industrial fans is where they will be used. The industrial fan manufacturer company can produce industrial fan types designed for all these areas with different powers. Information about the most used and known industrial fan products is as follows.

Axial Fans

Axial fans are generally used as ventilation systems in workshops, industrial facilities, and kitchens where high suction is required. One of the areas where axial fans are used apart from these is the parking lot. However, axial fans are used for smoke evacuation rather than ordinary flow of air in car parks. The evacuation of any fire or other smoky event occurring in the car parks is provided by axial fans. These fans have remote control and high speed features. Because in case of any adverse event, it may be necessary to leave the parking lot and the ventilations may need to be controlled remotely. Axial fans are designed to make air transfers at high speed.

Snail Fans

These industrial fan models get their name because their design resembles a snail. Snail type industrial fans are used in factories for cleaning dense materials. Snail fans have different models according to their pressure ranges and flow rates, and their blowing and suction power. Snail fans, which are very important in terms of air flow, are among the most powerful and useful fan types. Snail fans have air cleaning feature thanks to its dust suction feature. Snail fans can be installed both as ceiling fans and wall fans.

Radial Fans

Radial fans are hardware systems that help to provide transfer as a result of pressurizing gas or air. Radial fans are available with low or high performance systems. Radial fans also have features such as air cooling and dust suction. Radial fans are also known as centrifugal fans.

Plug Fans

Plug fans are fans that provide highly efficient circulating air at low and medium pressures. It is also very easy to install and disassemble.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan is used as an aspirator by connecting with air or directly mounted. In Ceiling type fans, the propeller belonging to the fan is mounted on the motor. The motion energy produced in the electric motor is transmitted to the propeller without loss.

Ceiling fan is divided into two different types, vertically or horizontally. It is also used in the hood system because it is excluding the sparse blades in the fan and the air flow with the electric motor. It is used to transfer light to medium density parts. Ceiling fans are used in elevator and stair pressurization processes in factory areas without any connection with the air duct. They  also provide an economical and fast fast air flow process in the centers where foodstuffs or textile electronic products are stored.

Industrial Fan Prices

You can contact ERF Group customer services to reach industrial fan prices. You can have industrial fan options produced with quality materials at the most affordable prices. For detailed information about industrial fan prices, you can get an offer form from our website, or you can contact us using the contact information on our website.

Usage Areas of Industrial Fans

The usage areas of industrial fans are quite wide today. When it comes to industrial type, only large factories should not come to mind. These fans are used in many businesses and indoors, especially in factories. In recent years, it has also been frequently used at home. The high performance and energy savings of industrial fans seriously affect their preference. Especially in homes