Ventilation Fan and Its Types

Ventilation fan is the name given to the devices that provide air inlet and outlet to the environment by creating pressure differences. As the propeller in the ventilation fans moves, hot or cold air is spread to the environment. These devices, which provide air flow thanks to the propeller system, also ensure the cleaning of the air in the environment. Fans, which are more preferred in summer months, come to the fore with their cooling feature. In addition, it spreads the clean air by repelling bad odors in the environment.

The working system of ventilation fans is quite simple. These fans require electricity to operate. With the energy taken from the electricity, the propellers start to move. The propellers, which gain static and kinetic energy from electrical energy, rotate to provide air flow to the environment. Ventilation fans have many names among the people. Today, the concept of ventilator is also widely used for these fans.

Ventilation fans stand out with their different types in line with their intended use and area. For example, fans used in workplaces and fans used in homes are not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when choosing a ventilation fan. You can get detailed information about the types and usage areas of ventilation fans by contacting us through our company. At the same time, you can visit our company and examine our quality products.

What Does a Ventilation Fan Do?

The question of what is the use of the ventilation fan has been coming up frequently recently. Ventilation fans are devices that provide the air flow needed in the environment with the highest quality. It also has the ability to clean polluted air. These fans, which have a very cooling effect in the summer months, also emit hot air when needed. The feature of cleaning the polluted air in the environment attracts people's attention as it is very important in terms of health.

Areas where ventilation fans are commonly used; are places where heavy human traffic is experienced such as parking lots, shopping centers and hospitals. However, today, the use of fans in workplaces and homes is also common. With the diversification of ventilation fans, the usage areas are expanding considerably. The preferred fans for large areas such as hospitals are those that are larger in size and more effective. Fans used in homes are small but effective products that we know more as fans.

In order to obtain high efficiency from the ventilation fans, you need to make sure that they are of good quality. Quality fans work extremely effectively for many years without compromising their performance. You can have detailed information about our quality fans by contacting us through our company. You can choose us by relying on our years of experience in this field. You can visit our company to review our services and advantages.

How Does a Ventilation Fan Work?

Ventilation fans come up with different working principles according to their types. Ventilation fans work with the principle of drawing the dirty and heavy air in the environment and spreading clean air to the environment. If these fans are of high quality, they effectively spread clean air to the environment. It also eliminates bad odors in the environment. The force of attraction of the ventilation fans is directly proportional to the volume of the environment.

Ventilation fans should not be affected by external factors while operating. Today, the performance of ventilation fans is easily adjusted according to ambient conditions. The working system of ventilation fans differs according to their types and quality. At the same time, the dimensions of these fans also affect the way they work.

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Types of Ventilation Fans

There are many types of ventilation fans. ventilation fans; It is categorized as axial (axial) fan and radial (centrifugal) fan. In axial fans, the air flows proportionally to the fan shaft and spreads to the environment. The propeller steerer is available as a sleeved and winged type. At the same time, axial fans are called duct type fans. Duct type fans are extremely durable as they are produced from rectangular and square galvanized sheet metal.

Axial fans are also in themselves; It is divided into three groups as propeller blade type, roller blade type and guided roller type. The propeller blade type stands out at all kinds of low or high pressures. Propeller blade types are mostly used in air conditioners because they fulfill the task of heating and cooling in general. Cylinder vane type, mostly low and